North American Indigenous Games
NAIG • Halifax, NS • July 12-18, 2020
Halifax, NS • July 12-18, 2020

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Greetings from the Team Saskatchewan Steering Committee

Tawaw, Taanshi, Taŋyaŋ yahipi, Welcome

The Team Saskatchewan Steering Committee is a group of individuals who are tasked with the planning and oversight of all things Team Saskatchewan for NAIG 2020. Working as a group these individuals are busy planning and raising funds to ensure that Team Saskatchewan not only has an opportunity to attend the games in 2020 but to have the best experience possible.

In 2020, we will be taking a team of 500 Athletes, Coaches and Managers all the way to Halifax for 8 days of sport competition, cultural celebration and comradery. These games are something that we hope every member of Team Saskatchewan will remember for a lifetime.

Coordinators have been selected for each sport and are currently working on setting up trials and camps to select the athletes who will embark on training over the next year to prepare for the games. The name of each coordinator can be found on the individual sport pages within this website.

Participating with Team Saskatchewan is an opportunity that helps shape the lives of our young people. The North American Indigenous Games is something for our youth to work towards and to look forward to. Team Sask Alumni have gone on to have successful careers, to make lifelong friends and to give back to their own home communities.

We are looking forward to what this next competition brings and for the Games in 2020.

Guidance Team

The Team Saskatchewan guidance team is a group of respected community leaders who are in place to provide their experience and guidance to the steering committee, the coordinators, coaches and managers and most importantly to the athletes.

Eugene Arcand
Lorna Arcand
Brenda Ahenakew
Chief Larry Ahenakew

History of Team Saskatchewan

Team Saskatchewan is comprised of the province’s most talented Aboriginal athletes, coaches and managers and mission staff.

The team has won six North American Indigenous Games overall team titles since the games started in 1993.

Past Games

1990- Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

These games consisted of Archery, Baseball, Canoeing, Rifle Shooting, Soccer, Swimming, Track and Field and a rodeo. These games in Edmonton attracted 3000 athletes and Team Saskatchewan finished first overall with a count of 203 medals.

1993- Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada

This year marks the first time that Saskatchewan hosted the games. These games attracted 4000 athletes. Team Saskatchewan finished first overall with a count of 283 medals. 1995 Blaine Minnesota, United States of America The 1995 Games in Blaine coordinated 8000 athletes in 17 sports: archery, badminton, baseball, basketball, boxing, canoeing, golf, lacrosse, rifle shooting, soccer, softball, swimming, taekwondo, tennis, track and field, volleyball and wrestling. Team Saskatchewan finished first overall with a count of 100 medals.

1995 Blaine Minnesota USA

The 1995 North American Indigenous Games were held in Blaine Minnesota USA. Approximately 8000 athletes participated in 17 sports. Team Saskatchewan won 48 gold medals, 31 silver and 21 bronze.

1997 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

The 1997 Games featured 4,400 athletes and 3000 cultural performers. Team Saskatchewan finished first overall with a count of 298 medals.

2002 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Winnipeg, Manitoba hosted the 2002 North American Indigenous Games, July 25- August 4 th with approximately 8000-10,000 First Nation, Metis and Inuit athletes, coaches and officials, 3000 cultural performers and 5000 volunteers. This was the largest Aboriginal multi-sport and cultural gathering in Canadian history. Team Saskatchewan finished 2 nd overall with a count of 353 medals.

2006 Denver Colorado, United States of America

The 2006 NAIG were held in Denver from July 2-8 and featured more than 7000 athletes representing 33 delegations from across Canada and the United States. Team Saskatchewan finished first overall with a count of 209 medals.

2008 Cowichan, British Columbia, Canada

The 2008 Games were held in Cowichan from August 3-10. Team Saskatchewan finished first overall with 94 gold, 81 silver, 68 bronze for a total of 243 medals.

2014- Regina Saskatchewan Canada.

The 2014 games marked the second time Saskatchewan hosted NAIG and were held in Regina. Team Saskatchewan finished second overall with 72 gold, 54 silver, 33 bronze for a total of 159 medals, missing first place by a single medal. However, with 72 gold Saskatchewan had the most gold medals of all teams.

2017 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

At the 2017 NAIG in Toronto, ON. Team Sask brought home 166 Medals and finished 2nd place overall. The 2017 Games were held in Toronto from July 16-23. Team Saskatchewan finished second overall with 65 Gold 54 Silver 47 Bronze for a total of 166 medals. Click here to view the Team Sask Medals

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